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Common Problems and Analysis of Truck tailgate

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The use of automobile tailgates is recognized by various professions, and its convenience and speed are loved by various professions. However, as a machine, after long-term use, damage is inevitable. Therefore, how to quickly locate the problem is your card. Indispensable skills for friends.

truck tailgate control box

  1. The more common problem in the process of use is that the tailgate of the car cannot be lowered. There are many reasons for this problem, but generally the more common reason is that the one-way throttle valve is closed or the battery power is insufficient, so that the solenoid valve cannot Open, or cause the solenoid valve to be stuck, etc. Our company have truck tailgate control box can battery low pressure alarm system that can avoid this problem.

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  2. truck tailgate

2. If the user finds that the motor can work and rotate, but the tailgate of the car still cannot be raised and turned up normally; then the reason is usually that the pressure of the relief valve is set too low or the fuel volume of the fuel tank is insufficient. Of course, external factors also have an impact. If the user loads items that exceed the load of the tailgate during the use of the tailgate, this phenomenon will also be caused.

3. Another common problem is that the hydraulic pressure of the tailgate of the car has dropped and it cannot be turned up; at this time, we must focus on checking the relief valve of the hydraulic system. If the pressure regulating screw of the relief valve is locked This phenomenon will be caused by loose nuts, internal leakage caused by the wear of the relief valve body, and foreign objects stuck in the relief valve body.

4. In addition to the fact that the tailgate cannot be lowered, it is also a common problem that the panel of the tailgate cannot be raised. If the tailgate cannot be raised, the user cannot hear the sound of the motor rotating. The common cause of this phenomenon is the lack of battery power, wrong wiring or blown fuse.

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