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Digital Led Display Indicator Ammeter

Digital Led Display Indicator Ammeter


Digital Led Display Indicator Ammeter

About this item

    XINDALI Digital Led Display
    Indicator Ammeter has an operating voltage of 220V and lamp amperage of 0-100 A Max AC380.
    Model: AD1001-22AM;
    Inches length: 20.07;
    Display resolution: 1A;
    Display Type: Digital only;
    Mount hole diameter: 22 mm/0.87 " (7/8 ");
    Bulb type: LED; Color temperature: Cool white;
    Lamp body material: ABS; Led color: Green; Dustproof base;
    Heat dissipation holes;
     Protection degree of the head: IP65;
     Certifications: CE.

  • WORKING CONDITION - Operating temperature must be between -20℃~80℃; Relative Humidity: < 95%; Insulation resistance: ≥ 2MΩ; Allowable voltage fluctuation: 2%; Continuous operating life: ≥ 30000H; Brightness: 95nit; CTI ≥ 600; Amp accuracy: ±2A; Voltage accuracy: ±2%. Normally workable when vibration frequency compatibility range is 50-60 HZ with acceleration of 0.7g. Pollution degree is 3, installation group is II.

  • VERSATILITY - Measures and provides information about current draw and current continuity (calibrated in amperes) in order to help users, troubleshoot erratic loads and trends. They have both positive and negative leads and feature extremely low internal resistance. Amperage gauge suitable for indicating signals in the circuits of power, telecommunications, machine tools, etc. It is also designed to counteract known errors caused by temperature changes.

  • SIMPLE CONNECTION AND EASY TO USE - Handheld, portable, small, exquisite workmanship and long service life. It can be operated without plugging it in, suitable for outdoor use. Has an LED (light-emitting diode) alarm light when the RMS value or peak value is greater than the range. There is no memory function and no automatic calibration. CAUTION: It cannot be use in electric environments with frequency conversion, high frequency or strong harmonic interference signal.

  • HIGH ACCURACY AND STABLE WORKING PERFORMANCE -xindali Digital Led Display Indicator Ammeter eliminates human errors, offering accurate and fast readings compared to analogue meters. Also, this digital meter is more stable and reliable. Small in size and cost-effective. Free from Parallax errors, has automatic range selection and high input impedance. All products are fully inspected at the factory and are aging regularly.

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