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our company's new products wireless remote controllers for cranes is coming

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wireless remote controllers

Our Xindali company has developed a new product this year, the wireless remote control, which is mainly used for tailgates and electric hoists.

this XDL19 series wireless remote controller have 2 keys,3keys,4 keys,6keys,and 8 keys.see the video below.

Wireless remote controllers for cranes are becoming increasingly popular due to their flexibility and ease of use. They allow crane operators to control the crane from a safe distance, which can be especially useful in hazardous environments.

There are many different types of wireless remote controllers for cranes available on the market today. Some of the most popular brands include Demagcranes1 and other companies that offer radio and infrared controls2.

In terms of control strategies for crane systems, there are many different options available. These include linear control, optimal control, adaptive control, intelligent control, sliding mode control and other control schemes3.

Our XDL19 industrial wireless remote controller is small and unusual, with complete types. Its products have passed ISO9001, ROHS, CE and FCC certification. Its shell is beautiful, firm, light to hold, reasonable in structure and complete in functions; The battery supports Type-C interface charging, and the buttons have buzzer and LED light prompts (with emergency stop indication, charging indication, battery undervoltage indication, full charge indication, signal indication, and startup indication). 

XDL19-F21-6 wireless remote controllers products

The product transmission distance can reach 100 meters; The circuit is safe and reliable; The outgoing cable is color surface with printed wire number and clear wiring. The sealing strip placed inside the product shell has good waterproof performance (up to IP65). This product is suitable for outdoor, dusty and other harsh places, and is used in industrial driving, hoist, lifting, automobile tailboard and other fields.

If you are interested in our products, you can contact us by email.

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