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Prevent the occurrence of elevator maintenance accidents

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In order to ensure the safety of elevator maintenance and other work

We recommend using XINDALI's XDL series resin switch box

Elevators are inevitably subject to various problems or failures due to the influence of installation, mechanical wear, use conditions and environment. The correct and timely maintenance of elevator equipment by enterprises is an effective way to avoid failures.

However, harsh and dim maintenance environments are prone to safety accidents such as electric shocks and falls.


Easily add switches such as emergency stop to the elevator system

XINDALI's new XDL series resin switch box can be installed without opening the cover of the switch box because the mounting hole is designed on the outside of the switch box. This not only makes it easy to install button switches in special locations such as elevator shafts, but also greatly reduces the man-hours for installing the switch box.

In addition, the YB series can be installed with QH series indicator lights. In a dim maintenance environment, you can directly visually observe the operating status of the switch to confirm the operation of the elevator and ensure the safety of the elevator maintenance work.


Installation diagram



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