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What are the Applications of Momentary Switches?

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What are the Applications of Momentary Switches?

There are a variety of applications that use momentary switches in every-day life. For example, a button in an elevator is a push-to-break momentary switch that does not release the electromagnetic door until it is pressed. Another common example is the keys on a keyboard which are push-to-make momentary switches. When a key is pressed, the electrical circuit for the respective key is completed. Additional examples of momentary switches include doorbells, anti-theft alarms, and laser pointers.

What are the Advantages of Momentary Switches?

There are a number of advantages that make momentary switches better to use than a traditional on/off switch. One such case is when an electronic device or a system design requires activation or deactivation on user demand. The momentary switch can be used to create a temporary effect allowing for the system to recognize the end-user’s input. The switch can then be toggled while the user is still holding the switch. As an example, a laser pointer is only activated when the user presses the button the device to highlight some object or presentation with the device. When the desired effect is achieved, the user depresses the button and the device extinguishes.

Special Switch Types

Electrical switches can be created to provide a response to almost any type of mechanical input. Some of these stimuli include: turning a key, fluid level, air pressure, tilt, vibration, linear movement, or the presence of a magnetic field. A number of switch types are designed to operate on their own based on an environmental change in condition or other detected motion. For example, sail switches are used in HVAC systems to ensure that air flow is maintained at proper levels in an air duct. Limit switches are used in machine-based equipment to help ensure the operation does not exceed safe parameters of operation.

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