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What is the Elevator Maintenance safety procedure?

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What are the safety operating procedures for elevator maintenance?

When performing elevator maintenance?

How to ensure the personal safety of the overhauler?

What is the Elevator Maintenance safety procedure

(1) Matters needing attention during maintenance in the elevator car roof:

1. Before entering the elevator car roof through the hoistway, the emergency stop switch on the elevator car top should be cut off, the lighting switch should be turned on, and then the inspection and maintenance work should be started.

2. It is strictly forbidden to step in the car roof with one foot and work on the shaft or other fixed objects with the other foot.

3. During the inspection and maintenance work in the car roof, do not approach or squeeze the guardrail, and pay attention to the distance between the counterweight and the car, and the human body must not extend out of the guardrail.

4. It is strictly forbidden to stand outside the hoistway and lean over to work in the top of the car.

(2) Matters needing attention of machine room maintenance:

1. When operating the elevator in the machine room, ensure that there are no passengers in the car, and the hall and car doors are closed. Cut off the control power of the door motor before operating the elevator.

2. When manually turning the car, the main power switch should be cut off first, and at least two people in the machine room should cooperate with the operation. Once cranking is complete, be sure to remove all items used for manual cranking, such as brake release wrenches, and return them to a safe location.

3. When checking and maintaining the control cabinet, the power must be cut off first to avoid damage to the control system caused by live operation during maintenance.

4. When operating the car in the machine room, it should be prevented from exceeding the limit station, and at the same time prevent the car from rushing to the top or hitting the bottom.

maintenance in the elevator

(3) Matters needing attention during pit maintenance:

1. When entering the bottom pit, safety protection measures should be taken.

2. When entering the pit, first cut off the emergency stop switch of the pit and turn on the pit lighting.

3. It is forbidden to work up and down the shaft at the same time. When it is necessary to work together up and down, the pit personnel must wear safety helmets.

4. Keep the bottom pit hygienic and clean.

(4) Rescue operation requirements for elevator machine room:

1. Obey the unified command.

2. Make sure the hall door and car door are closed, and cut off the main power switch. Inform the car personnel not to approach the car door and pay attention to safety.

3. The personnel in the machine room should keep in good contact with other rescue personnel. Before the operation, the auxiliary personnel should be notified, and measures can be taken to move the car only after receiving a response.

4. When cranking in the machine room, at least two people must cooperate with the operation, one person cranks, one releases the brake and monitors the position of the car, and pays attention to the position of the leveling mark.

5. When the elevator car moves to the leveling position, release the brake first to restore its braking effect, and then release the hand wheel after confirming that it is correct.

6. Inform the relevant personnel on the floor to use the elevator special mechanical key to open the elevator hall door and car door at the landing to release the person.

7. The elevator operation can only be resumed after the elevator failure is resolved and the test run is normal.

XDL85 elevator inspection box

(5) When it is necessary to temporarily evacuate the site during maintenance:

1. Cut off the main power switch.

2. Exclude heat sources, such as electric welding, gas welding, soldering iron, blowtorch.

3. Close all hall and car doors. If it cannot be closed normally, safety fences should be set up outside the door, warning signs should be posted or special personnel should be sent to guard.

4. Good records should be made for the halfway stop maintenance, especially the terminal blocks, to prevent confusion or memory errors.

5. When necessary, special personnel can be sent on duty to maintain the site.

3 Holes Dustproof and Rainproof Pendant Control Station Box XDL10-EPBS3 NC

(6) Attention after troubleshooting or routine maintenance:

1. Restore all switches to their original state.

2. Check whether tools, materials and devices are left on the equipment or in the control cabinet.

3. Inventory tools, materials, tidy up the work site.

4. Power transmission test run, observe the running status of the elevator, and stop the elevator in time for inspection if any abnormality is found.

5. Fill in the fault handling record, and clearly fill in the cause of the accident, the inspection process, and the handling result.

6. Detailed and clear records should be made for all changed parameters or replaced spare parts.

After the daily maintenance is completed, the regular maintenance and inspection records should be filled in time.

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