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What is the function of the emergency stop switch on the EV Charge station

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EV Charge station

The function of the emergency stop switch on the  EV Charge station: 

1. The emergency button switch is a switch that is touched when help is needed in an emergency. It is the main switch used to control the secondary circuit. 

2. The button is a commonly used control electrical component, which is often used to turn on or off the 'control circuit' (where the current is very small), so as to achieve a switch for the purpose of controlling the operation of the motor or other electrical equipment.

emergency stop switch on the EV Charge station 2

The function of the emergency button of the  EV Charge station is that when a safety accident occurs at the charging pile, the switch that can make the equipment stop suddenly, so that the emergency stop button can be pressed under special circumstances to stop the charging pile from working and avoid the risk of electric shock.

The function of charging pile emergency button switch:

Common buttons are mainly used as emergency stop button, start button, stop button, combination button (keyboard), jog button, reset button.

The emergency button can also be called the "emergency stop button", which is referred to as the emergency stop button in the industry. As the name suggests, when an emergency occurs, people can quickly press this button to achieve protective measures. It is used when the operator finds that there is a problem with the equipment and needs to stop immediately.

emergency stop switch on the EV Charge station

Precautions for using EV Charge station:

A. Before charging

1. Check the surrounding environment for flammable and explosive materials.

2. Check whether the display status of the charging pile is normal.

3. Check whether the charging cable is intact and whether the charging interface standard matches.

4. Confirm that the charging gun is connected in place.

B. Charging

1. Operate the charging pile correctly according to the instructions.

2. Check whether the display of the charging pile is normal, whether there is current, voltage, etc.

3. It is forbidden to pull out the charging gun during charging.

4. It is prohibited to start the car during charging.

C. After charging

1. Confirm that the EV Charge station has stopped working.

2. Pull out the charging gun, arrange the charging gun and put it back into the charging port.

3. Seal the charging port of the electric vehicle.

4. Organize the charging site.

D. Charging pile safety

1. When an emergency occurs during charging, please press the emergency button of the EV Charge station.

2. When the EV Charge station catches fire, immediately turn off the main power supply. When the fire is within the controllable range, use a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire. When the fire is out of control, evacuate personnel immediately.

3. Because the EV Charge station uses high-voltage electricity, you must wear insulating gloves when charging. It is forbidden to touch the electric gun hole and the socket of the vehicle socket with hands.

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