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Understanding Push Button Switches: The Complete Guide To NO And NC Contacts for Industrial Applications

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Push button switches are fundamental in controlling electronic circuits, with a wide range of applications from simple home appliances to complex industrial machinery. This comprehensive guide will explore the essential differences between NO (Normally Open) and NC (Normally Closed) configurations, their key features, and practical applications in various settings.

NO (Normally Open) Contacts

NO contacts are designed with the contacts in an open state when the button is not actuated. This ensures that no current flows unless the button is actively pressed, making them ideal for initiating actions. Their use in safety and initiation of processes is highlighted in various electronic systems.

Push button switch with NO configuration

NC (Normally Closed) Contacts

NC contacts, on the other hand, maintain a closed state by default, allowing current to flow until the button is pressed. This configuration is favored in safety mechanisms where the interruption of current is critical, such as in emergency stop systems.

Applications in Industrial Automation

Both NO and NC contacts are prevalent in industrial automation, where reliable control over machinery and processes is paramount. NO contacts are often used to start operations, while NC contacts are integral to safety interlocks that stop machinery in hazardous situations.

Design Considerations for Engineers

When integrating push button switches into a design, engineers must consider factors such as reliability, environmental resistance, actuation force, and user feedback. Additionally, the choice between NO and NC configurations should be guided by the specific requirements of the system.


Push button switches, in both NO and NC configurations, are indispensable in controlling and managing electronic systems. By understanding their differences and applications, engineers can make informed decisions to design efficient and safe control mechanisms. As technology advances, the role of these switches remains pivotal, adapting to new challenges and maintaining a critical link between human action and machine response.

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