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How does the emergency stop button works

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emergency stop button

Emergency stop 40mm turn to release mushroom push button switch LAY5-ES542

What's the emergency stop button?

The emergency stop switch is installed as the input device to stop the machinery and equipment in an emergency for ensuring operator safety as an complementary protective measures.And the emergency stop switch, also known as E-stop switch, E stop switch, emergency switch.As we see all most emergency stop switches must be highly visible in color, label and shape to operate easily in emergency situations. So the button must be red mushroom head with symbol of arrow, EMERGENCY or STOP. The common sizes of mushroom head are 29mm, 30mm, 40mm or 60mm. see  the picture below

emergency stop switches

How does an emergency stop button switch work?

Emergency stop button switch are wired in series with the control circuit of machinery equipment.When you push the mushroom head of emergency stop button will break the circuit of machinery equipment and removes power supply. When the button is pressed, the NC contact opens to interrupt the current, and at the same time, a latching mechanism is activated to hold the button in the pressed-down position. This allows the current interruption state to be maintained, thus preventing unintended restarting of machinery and equipment.

where does an emergency stop button install?

There are three kinds of the most common emergency stop switches,pull release: The actuator is pushed in to stop and released by pulling the actuator back. Twist release: The actuator is pushed in to stop and released by twisting the actuator. Key release: The actuator is pushed in to stop and only released with a to instal the emergency stop button,see the picture below:

how to instal the emergency stop button

The standards require that emergency stop switches be installed in the following locations in machinery and equipment.

●  Locations required as a result of risk assessment
●  On each operation panel (except when not required as a result of risk assessment)
●  At the entrance and exit of machinery and equipment
●  Locations where operator intervention is needed to operate the machine, such as hold-to-run control functions and enable control functions
●  All locations where intervention between the operator and the machine is expected, such as workpiece loading/unloading ports

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