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How to choose and use the button indicator light switch?

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In the electrical control circuit, the button indicator light is the most widely used main command control and signal monitoring component. There are often some misunderstandings in use. The following will bring you relevant information in this regard, and you can understand it.


The color selection principle of the button indicator light: choose the color according to the function caused by the button being operated (pressed), or the indicator light is turned on (glowing) or the information reflected; when the color alone cannot indicate the operating function or operating status, Necessary graphics or text symbols can be added on or near the device.

  1. How to use the color of the indicator light correctly?

The indicator light (also known as signal light) mainly draws the attention of the operator or instructs the operator to perform a certain operation in the form of a bright indication, and serves as an indication that a certain state or instruction is being executed or has been executed.

indicator light

Generally, red or yellow lights are used for power indication and closing indication. The red signal light is used for the running indication and fault indication of the motor, and the green signal light is used for the stop indication. The white light is used to indicate the operation of the reactive power compensation capacitor. The yellow light is used for the star-shaped running indication of the star-delta running indication, and the red light is used for the delta running indication.

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2.How to use the button color correctly?

The button is mainly used to execute or cancel a certain command.The use and meaning of colors specified in the standard are as follows.

Instructions for using button colors:

In the process of use, for the double-purpose "start" and "stop" or "power on" and "power off", if the function is changed after being pressed alternately, neither red nor green can be used, but black, white or black should be used. Gray buttons; black, white, gray or green buttons are used for inching or micro-movement requirements, preferably black buttons; for "reset" buttons, blue, black, white or gray buttons are used for single functions, and there is a stop button at the same time , Use the red button for the power-off function.


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