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The difference between signal indicator light and push button switch

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Push button switches and signal guide lights are used as small master electrical appliances in industrial consumption, especially industrial equipment. The secondary use is mainly for mastering and warning. I have considered many push button switches, especially ordinary flat buttons. The illuminated button is completely the same as the signal guide light of the response specification. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the difference between the two and choose the response. This is also the second of this article. Content.

First of all: As mentioned below, the products that are similar to the guide lights only include popular button switches and illuminated button switches, but do not include mushroom buttons, emergency stop buttons, etc., because these buttons can only be taken from the head It is the difference between the signal lights, so I won't do too much discussion here, and the topic of the debate is the popular button switch. Regarding the differences between these buttons, please click on the classification of push button switches in this article.

One: straightforward differences and choices

The signal light or the guide light only has the function of warning reminder, and the light will be in a constant light state when it is turned on. However, as for the push button switch, except for the button with light, it is rare that there is no light. At the same time, the usual buttons, whether it is a reset button or a self-locking button, can mostly be pressed by hand to control the circuit, but the signal guidance light is useless. This is the biggest difference between the two. Therefore, if only the demand form is displayed, select the guide light; if only the demand line is required, then the popular button switch is selected; when the line is required to be mastered and displayed by the form, it is required to select the lighted button switch.

Two: professional difference and choice .

Push button switches generally have an electric shock structure regardless of the method of pin wiring, while signal lights do not; guide lights generally have the parameter of lamp voltage because they need to be illuminated, and do not think about buttons without lights.

In fact, anyone who has been in touch with push button switches and guide lights knows that most of the buttons and lights below can be assembled and unloaded and combined at will. When buttons and lights are required, they are equipped with lighted buttons. Installing the lost button is the guide light. . At the same time, this can also guarantee the display of different lighting consequences.

Button switch button signal light


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