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Working principle of remote control switch

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[Working principle of remote control switch]

The radio remote control module (RFRemoteModule) is a remote control device that uses radio signals to control various remote institutions. After these signals are received by the remote receiving device, they can instruct or drive other various corresponding mechanical or electronic devices to complete various operations, such as closing the circuit, moving the handle, and turning on the motor, and then these machines can perform the required operations.

[Working principle of wireless remote control switch]

The wireless remote control switch is composed of a receiver and a transmitter. The transmitter can encode the controller's control button, modulate it on the radio frequency signal, and then transmit a wireless signal. We can also understand the transmitter as one Encoder. The receiver re-decodes the received wireless signal to encode the signal, so as to obtain the signal corresponding to the control button, and then to control the operation of the corresponding circuit, we can understand the receiver as a decoder. This is how the wireless remote control switch works. Do you understand it? In fact, it is not difficult, that is, the process of transmitting and receiving.

[Working principle of intelligent infrared remote control switch]

The intelligent infrared remote control switch is mainly composed of modules such as infrared receiving, amplifying and shaping, microcontroller, switch control, and step-down power supply. Its principle block diagram is shown in the figure.

The function of the intelligent infrared remote control switch is to use the remote control of common household appliances, such as TV, VCD/DVD, etc., to be arbitrarily designated by the user as the control key of the infrared remote control switch. When in use, the user presses the "learning" button of the smart infrared remote control switch, and then points at the infrared receiver of the remote control switch and presses the designated switch control button on the remote control. The infrared code signal sent by the remote control is received by the infrared receiver. After that, it is amplified and reshaped and input to the microcontroller. The microcontroller remembers the code of the designated button on the remote control through the built-in E2PROM. Then, the next time the user uses it, when the designated button of the remote control is pressed, the infrared code signal sent by it also passes through the infrared receiving head, amplified and shaped and then input to the microcontroller, and the microcontroller sends a control signal to control the switch control module The on and off of the relay inside controls the on and off of the output voltage.

In order to ensure the remote switch control of various electrical appliances, the control signal must be stable and safe. For this reason, in the transmission process, the communication signal between the modules must be strong enough, which requires the power supply of the circuit to independently supply power to each part of the circuit. Therefore, the infrared remote control switch must also have a step-down power supply module.


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