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How to connect the XCD series direct control button switch?

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1. Under normal circumstances, only one is powered, that is the power supply, and the others are powered on when the button is pressed. You should measure the power with an electric pen. Find the power line, you can use a multimeter to test, one end is connected, one end is connected to the neutral line, the power line is at the top, and the others are motor control lines. You should use five, one is spare, and four control lines Connected to the same end, depending on your handle, you should also have to connect one end of the line.

2. The button switch has two pairs of points: normally closed and normally open. The PLC input uses these two pairs of points according to usage requirements. For the use of normally closed points, the PLC input has separate inputs according to different models, as well as common points. Follow the instructions to connect. The common electrode is connected to a normally closed terminal, and the input point of the PLC is connected to another terminal, that is, the moving-on contact is connected to the I terminal of the PLC (an input point of the plc), the other end is connected to the 24V+ of the PLC, and the moving-break contact is freely connected.

It is a two-position switch, and three lines are required for jog control.

One power cord and two start lines, the power line is connected to the button common terminal, and the start line is connected to the output terminal of the two buttons respectively.

Product Description

XCD6{ } series rain-proof crane control button station is a newly developed product which combined with the advantages of both china made products and imported product. The plastic cover is good-looking,strong and easy for handing.It has good structure and big area of contact.The forward and backward control can be mechanically locked in a reciprocal direction.It also can be locked in a reciprocal direction by the circuit if necessary,and is therefore more safety in operation.It also has IP65 dust proof and water proof level thus it is suitable for operating in open area,dusty environment,rainy.snowy weather conditions by wet hands for controlling the electric circuit,conveyer belt and construction apparatus. 

 The product meats the standards of Q/YYD02-00,GB14048,5-2001 and EN60947-5-1:1997 

Certification: ISO9001, SGS, CTI, ROHS

Why Choose Us

What is your MOQ? MOV?
We don’t have MOQ for the standard items. And the MOV for the terms of FOB is 5000USD.

What are your terms of payment?
We accept T/T, L/C payment.

Can I pay by PAYPAL?
Yes, our Paypal account is “”

How long is the delivery date?
The standard lead time 2 weeks.

What certifications does this product have?
We have CE, Rohs, UL and TUV approvals.

Are you a manufacturer? Where is the factory?
Yes, we are manufacturer, our factory located in Wenzhou.

Can you do OEM?
Yes, we can offer customized service under OEM.

Why your price is higher than others?
If we are talking about the same qualitiy level, our price will be competitve.

How long is the guarantee of your products?
We have 5 years guarantee.

Do you have water-proof items?
Yes, our XDL22 and XDL722 series are IP65.

Can you provide me with samples for free?
Yes, the samples can be offered as free of charge.

Can you provide certificate of origin?
Yes, we can.

Can you customize the product for me?
Yes, we have our own R&D team and tool centre to make customized products.

Does Xindali have agent?
Yes, we have agent of Xindali brand in Italy, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia, Greece, Spain and UK.

What support can I get if I become your agent?
If you will be our agent, you will get the following VIP service,
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