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How to define the color of industrial signal indicators and push button switches?

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Signal indicator light, a device that uses light to monitor the working or position status of circuits and electrical equipment. It is also the most intuitive and unique monitoring component in automation equipment. The main function is usually used to reflect the working state of the circuit (with or without electricity), the working state of electrical equipment (running, outage or test) and position state (closed or disconnected), etc. To remind the operator to deal with the fault in time, or operate a certain function to complete the relevant action.

push button switches

Push button switch, also known as control button (referred to as button), is a low-voltage electrical appliance that can be manually reset and generally automatically reset. Buttons are usually used in circuits to issue start or stop commands to control the on and off of electric coil currents such as electromagnetic starters, contactors, and relays.

Main functions: generally used in control circuits with AC and DC voltages below 440V and currents less than 5A, generally do not directly manipulate the main circuit, but can also be used in interconnected circuits. In order to control the operation of the equipment, stop, pause or reset and other functions.

So for those working in the electrical industry, if you are new to the industry, these signal indicators or button switches may have different functions and different colors. Many people can't tell what they mean, so how to distinguish their colors? How can technicians install it quickly and accurately?

  1. Graphic symbols for signal lamps and pushbutton switches picture

    Graphic symbols for signal lamps and pushbutton switches

  2. The graphic symbol of the button switch is shown in Figure 4 below:

indicator lights signal

3.Color Classification and Meaning of Signal Indicator Lights

(1) Red (HR, RL)

Meaning: Represents safety, normality, readiness (that is, an indication of safe operating conditions or the preparation of mechanical equipment to start).

Function: It is often used to indicate the ready-to-start state of the equipment. All auxiliary components are in the ready-to-work state, various parts are in the start-up state, and the voltage is within the specified range.

signal lamps

(2) Red (HR, RL)

Meaning: Represents an alarm or a stop of an abnormal situation (ie, a light alarm for a situation that may be dangerous and requires immediate attention).

Function: It is often used for important parts of the equipment to be cut off by protective appliances, and the temperature exceeds the specified limit.

signal lamps

(3) Yellow (HY, YL)

Meaning: stands for warning (that is, state change or approaching limit value) standby, intervention

Function: It generally reminds the operator to pay attention to the standby or operation status of the equipment, especially the debugging state or the short-term stay state.

signal indicators

(4) White (HW, WL)

Meaning: Represents a general signal (i.e. a normal signal, the circuit is energized).

Function: It is often used when the main switch is in the working position and the equipment is working, etc.

(5) Blue (HB, BL)

Meaning: The selector switch is in the specified position

Function: It can be red, green, yellow and other meanings that are not defined (such as: function selection 1, etc.)

waterproof indicator

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