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What is the XDL10 New Generation Series

What is the XDL10 New Generation Series

Product Description
XDL10 Series Control Switch is aesthetic design, durable quality, lightweight holding, reasonable structure
with various functions; UP and DOWN direction controlling under protection of circuit interlocking and ensure the power circuit is
safe and reliable; Assembled with cable gland and waterproof sealing to reach good waterproof performance (up to IP65); This
product is suitable for outdoor, dusty and other harsh environment.
Product parameters
Standard usage status
Operating ambient temperature
Ambient humidity
contact resistance
insulation resistance
Pollution grade
Withstand voltage
Mechanical life
>1 million times
Electrical life
>100000 times
Cable length
2m(it can be customized )
Wire gauge
Protection degree
Rated insulation voltage
Rated thermal current
Rated use voltage
Rated usage current

About this item

  • [Feature] 4 wire double acting hydraulic power unit 12V DC, small area, use widely, easy to carry.

  • [Wide Use] Fits most double-acting hydraulic pumps power units including MTE, Monarch, Bucher Dyna-Jack, SPX, KTI, Bosch and others.

  • [ Reasonable Design] 2-button pendant control is most commonly used as a dump trailer remote, which is built of a high-impact, highly visible plastic with a standard 15' cord. Powered by 12 volts DC, well constructed. High quality ABS material protective shell for long-term use.

  • [Wire Connection] For 4 wires(double-acting) dump trailer control: Use wire with metal round head connect to raising valve and lower valve. Use wire with circle connect to battery positive and starter.

  • [Package Include] Comes with Mounting Holster +Magnetic Back + 4 Wires--Red - Power (to Battery),Blue - Raise (to Lift Valve),Yellow - Down (to Lowering Valve) ,Black - Start Master(to Starter). Notice: If you have any problems,pls feel free to contact us.

Our hydraulic power unit remote controller are responsibly made with high quality Eco-materials, first choice for your hydraulic dump trailer, lift gate, lifter, stackers truck!

Technical Parameters:
*Model:4/5/6 Wire
*Material: High Quality ABS
*Color: Yellow + Black
*Style: Switch of Dump Trailer
*Wire : 15' Cord for Long Reach
*Buttons: Two Button, Up and Down
*Package Weight: 2.23 Pounds
*Application: Universal for most double acting hydraulic power unit, dump trailer, dump truck, lift gates, elevator lifter, stackers truck, hoist crane.

Product Features:
*This great little 2-button pendant control is most commonly used as a dump trailer remote.
*It's built of a high-impact, highly visible plastic with a standard 15' cord. Powered by 12V DC
*Made of high impact resistant plastic and magnetic material, for convenient and long-term use.

Wiring Method :

-Red - Power (to Battery)
-Blue - Raise (to Lift Valve)
-Yellow - Down (to Lowering Valve)
-Black - Start Master(to Starter)

Package Include:

Mounting Holster + Convenient Magnetic Back + 4 Wires(You Can Contact Us When You Have Problems On Use)

Problem example

Question 1:What are the dimensions of the switch unit itself, without the holster thing?

Answer:About 1-3/4” Tx2-1/2”wx4” length

Question 2:Does it come with a wiring diagram?

Answer:Yes wiring paperwork

Question 3:Will this work for electric hoist on 110v?

Answer:They are contact switches. Keep your hot and common wires corresponding to + and - wires.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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