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Solve the installation problems in the automobile production site

Solve the installation problems in the automobile production site


Brand new installation design without opening the cover

Reduce maintenance work hours

In terms of automobile manufacturing equipment, the era of collaboration between humans, machinery, and industrial robots is gradually coming.

Faced with manufacturing sites that require both productivity and safety in the automotive industry, designers prepare different types of safety devices. Not only installation is a problem, but also maintenance spare parts need to be prepared separately. The resulting accumulation of spare parts inventory and long-term maintenance work have also been troubled by designers all the time.

The issue of both safety and productivity

There are often many large-scale machinery at the automobile manufacturing site. In such a complex environment, there are many occasions where large-diameter openings are not possible but control buttons need to be installed. Since the switch box only needs screw openings, emergency stop switches can be easily installed in special locations. , To ensure the safety of the scene.

In addition, if you choose IDEC's brand-new YB series resin switch box, through a unique installation design that does not open the cover, the switch box can be installed with cables in the warehouse. When installation is needed, it does not need to be assembled and directly installed quickly. This not only helps reduce warehouse inventory, but also greatly reduces the maintenance and installation man-hours of the switch box, saving costs.


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